What is Base64 ?

Let's say, you have a text that should be transferred from A to B. There may be the problem that not all the symbols of the text can be used while the text is transferred because they have special meaning within the transfer process. So these symbols must be translated into symbols of the alphabet that is used during transfer and retranslated aftwerwards.

Base64 defines an alphabet of 64 symbols that are expected as unproblematic for many transfer processes so that they will not overlap with symbols with special meaning within the transfer process.

Base64 is used for example to encode mail attachments, images within XML or any binary data that shall not break parsers.

Is there a drawback using Base64 ?

Yes. The encoded text will consume much more memory.

What will this site do for you ?

If you have a text that shall be translated to Base64, just copy and paste it into the box "Origin" and click on the button "Convert + Copy to Clipboard". This will do as expected.

The nice feature here is that the result will be provided to your clipboard instantly.

Encodes a string to Base64

To decode a Base64 string to the origin checkout the Base64Decoder.