What is an IP adress?

An IP address uniquely identifies your computer within a network segment.

As the internet is a network segment of its own every computer connected to the internet will be assigned an IP address by the local internet provider, like Telekom, AT&T, 1&1 or Unitymedia.

What will this site do for you ?

For special purposes you need to know your current IP address. For example:

1. You want to access your computer via the internet with another computer, maybe using VPN.

2. Some internet services like AWS can be restricted by IP address so only you are able to use them.

This site will provide you the current IP address you are using in the internet.

Are there restrictions?

Yes. There are two protocols used in the wild: IPv4 and IPv6. As my website hoster already provides the new IPv6 this app will not resolve the IPv4 equivalent anymore if the client also understands IPv6. Other hosts may switch the communication protocol as needed and application dependent. So not this one.

Shows your current IP address visible to other peers in the internet

* If IPv6 is UNKNOWN then at least one of the communication participants is not configered for IPv6. If IPv4 is UNKNOWN communication over IPv6 successfully takes place.